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The art of cosmetic bottle printing

Finding a supplier to print your cosmetic bottles can come with a load of extra obstacles once you begin to reach out to manufactures. Every product brought to market has its own challenges to overcome.

For over 50 years, the Production Decorating team has become an industry leader in overcoming these challenges to provide quality screen printing services to the cosmetic industry.

This article is designed to provide you with all the knowledge you will need to gather when considering your cosmetic bottle printing project and the screen printing process that follows.

Cosmetic skincare bottle

Is screen printing the right choice for my cosmetic bottles?

Getting your brand to stand out from the competition is a tough task in a crowded beauty industry.

To know if our screen printing process is right for your product line, consider the following.

  1. Looking to have 1-2 colors printed - Silk screen printing is most effective when the design is limited to printing 1-2 colors

  2. No labels or stickers - Achieve a professional look by printing directly on your cosmetic packaging

  3. Superior adhesion - Products complete a series of adhesion and durability tests

  4. 360 degree printing - Print completely around your cylindrical bottles

  5. Bottle shape - Are the bottles cylindrical? Squared edges?

Screen printing is a great solution to any brand looking to achieve a clean professional look that just can't be duplicated by labels or stickers. Elevate your brand to the next level and provide your customers with a sleek packaging design they cannot ignore.

Cosmetic pump bottle

The most effective process for our own personal screen printing technique is designed for one color. It is possible to print multiple colors as well, but this will all depend on the job and bottle.

What information do I need when getting a screen printing quote?

Be prepared with some key information that will save time when gathering quotes for your cosmetic products. Feel free to contact us for formal quotes or further questions in regards to details about your specific project.

  1. Know the material of your bottles - Every plastic has different chemical properties that will require different methods and ink series

  2. Provide a technical drawing of your bottles - Reach out to the manufacture for this information

  3. Be ready to supply your artwork - PDF or AI files work best

  4. Provide a desired quantity - Price breaks can be given based on order size

The most important factor for printing your cosmetic bottles will be the material that the bottle is made from. This information is necessary when selecting what ink series to use and provides your brand with the perfect solution to fit your customers needs.

Most common substrates that we can adhere to

We have the ability to print on, but are not limited to:


  • Polypropylene

  • Styrene

  • PET-G

  • ABS

  • Acrylic

  • Polycarbonate

  • Polyethylene


  • Bare metal

  • Anodized metal

  • Powder coated metal


What does our bottle screen printing process look like?

Once both parties have agreed upon the quote, we will begin to sample your job for customer approval.

The steps to screen printing your bottles will look like this.

  1. Create your screen - Use image provided to create a screen

  2. Set up machine - Based on products requirements

  3. Determine ink series - Want proper adhesion and to pass all customers durability tests

  4. Screen the bottles - Can provide samples before official run

  5. Pack parts - Bulk or layer packed

Our production process can be customized to tailor to your jobs individual needs.

Do you provide screen printing for other cosmetic products?

Yes, we have the capabilities to print on a wide range of other cosmetic packaging products.

  • Lipstick caps/tubes

  • Mascara caps/tubes

  • Jars

  • Jar covers

  • Flat surfaces

  • Unique shapes

Final thoughts

Screen printing can be an excellent option for your cosmetic bottles. There are plenty of ink options and techniques to overcome the challenging issues the manufacturing process can bring.

Typically our process is best suited to silk screen printing on plastic bottles, as we have decades of experience mastering the most cost effective strategies. Plastic bottles usually have some type of thread break or lugs that make printing multiple colors easier.

Since market demand is constantly changing, we do have solutions for accomplishing the same results on other materials.

Contact us to find out if our team can help meet your products goals.

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